If You’re Making White Wine

Solvang 8 2014 016


Little hard to see but this is where the steams, leaves and skins get separated. The leaves and steams are thrown away while the seeds and skins are used to fertilize the soil for the grape vines.

Once the everything is separated then the juice is forced through hoses and sent into large vats.

Solvang 8 2014 019

Solvang 8 2014 020

The way that they move the juice from one container to another is by using gravity. The vat can be raised or lowered to create the what ever type of gravity flow they need.


Solvang 8 2014 017


After all the sentiment has been extracted from the juice, then the juice is stored in oak barrels.

Solvang 8 2014 021

While the wine is fermenting, it is stored in a dark, cool place. This usually takes about a 10 months to a year. Some wines even take longer.

For more history on the Sanford winery check out their website. http://www.sanfordwinery.com/HISTORY-amp;-PEOPLE.aspx


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