Concrete Golf Paths

Woods Valley  Pala Masa 3 2015 007

How important do you feel are the concrete golf paths?
Woods Valley  Pala Masa 3 2015 009

Even if you aren’t driving on them, I personally like have them.

But then, if I hit them they make my ball go so much farther.

The pictures are of Woods Valley, nice golf cart paths.

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2 Responses to Concrete Golf Paths

  1. Tina,

    When I am carting, or on a cart mandatory course, the concrete paths are fantastic! I think they look better, cleaner, and classier than any other style. Having said that, I much prefer when I am able to walk 🙂


  2. Brian Penn says:

    Tina, for CPO days, you definitely are better off on concrete paths. I too like to walk and enjoy a natural look to the course that sometimes the concrete takes away. Thanks!


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