New Adventure #RomancingGolf

Starting down a new road.
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Hi everyone,

As you all know, I’m a romance author and a golfer. So I decided I needed to combine my two passions and write a book. I have the title and the theme. Still, I’d like to have some help from all the golfers among you about what to included.

Romancing Golf is the working title. I want it to be about why women should take up the game.

I have heard from my husband numerous times about friends who wish their wives would golf with them.

I know some of the reason why women don’t want to go golfing, but I believe more women should get involved in the game.

So over the course of the next few months, I’m going to ask questions about what types of things would encourage women to pick up the game.

As this progress, I’ll work out the outline for the book and discuss the different chapters I want to have in the book.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Now, the first question, why do women avoid playing golf?

Love to hear your comments,




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6 Responses to New Adventure #RomancingGolf

  1. Tina,

    I think one reason many do not give the game a chance is because of the old stigma attached with it that it’s a “boys club” type atmosphere, and fear they may be judged. Of course, this just isn’t true any more. Yes, there are some people who still want it to be that way, but they are isolated groups of people who I would not care to golf with either!

    Also, if you don’t have friends (or a partner) who plays, it can be difficult to feel motivated to get out and try it on your own. I’ve even seen this with guys that I know, who have since taken up golf since joining my circle of friends and are now addicted. Before though, it never really seemed like an option to them, or they didn’t know where to start. Or it felt too daunting, without anyone around to do it with or guide them.

    Getting started in the right ways, in a nice relaxing atmosphere with some educated (and patient) guidance goes a long way to getting people hooked.

    A couple of ideas for now, I feel like I could go on forever! Love the idea for the book! Look forward to hearing more about it.


  2. TinaGayle says:

    Wow, Josh, such good information. So now I have a few bullet points.
    Find someone who enjoys the game.
    Get started in the right way by getting involve in a relaxed atmosphere with a patient and helpful guide
    Avoid the good old boys in the game (believe me I have run into these guys…not fun)

    Thanks for the comment Josh,

  3. Brian Penn says:

    Tina, from a romance perspective, I could think of very few activities better than golf for women to meet a potential romantic interest in a non-threatening, collegial atmosphere. What other sport can you engage in with total strangers for four+ hours and feel comfortable? There’s also the supposed glass ceiling perspective. No doubt, deals are done on the golf course and not many corporate women play to the level that their male counterparts do. To be viewed rightly or wrongly on equal footing, sometimes it helps to connect with your peers and golfers have that certain respect and understanding for their fellow players. Just some food for thought.



  4. TinaGayle says:

    Thanks Brian,
    I agree that golf is a great way to meet people. I’m have a lot of questions to ask about this subject so I hope you’ll help me flush out a way to make men and women see the potential of playing golf.
    All the best,

  5. Hi Tina,
    I come from a golfing family. My dad bought an eighteen-hole course when I was ten-months old, and we lived at the end of the clubhouse. Talk about immersion in the sport! My father, brother, sister, two uncles and several cousins are PGA professionals. I used to golf, too, but the ‘golf’ gene didn’t take hold in me like it did the others.

    My sister Cindy is a golf pro in Savannah, Georgia. If you would be interested, I can ask her your question and get and pass her answers along to you. She’s done a lot of great work getting women out on the golf course

    Let me know.

    All the best,

    • TinaGayle says:

      Wow, Marjorie,

      I’d love for you to ask your sister how she has convinced women to take up the game. I’m amazed by your family. I didn’t play golf until I got married. My husband introduced me to the game.

      I am interest if you play for fun, or do you avoid the game with so many all stars in your family. I am not very athletic and was always being beat in sports by my sisters. Didn’t help I was the youngest. Luckily, my husband doesn’t care that I’m not a scratch golfer. I just play for fun.

      Thanks again for writing me, I look forward to hearing from you.

      All the best,


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