12 Reasons Why Women Don’t Play Golf


Golf 10 2014 Whispering Lakes 010

Let’s start with

  1. It’s a hard game. Even the pro struggle at times and they have years of practice.
  2. Expense – Yes, other activities are just as expensive but if you are new to the game and uncertain about your passion for the game, is it worth it?
  3. You don’t know anyone who plays the game. (Believe me once you start people come out of the woodwork.)
  4. No collared shirt – Now, this may sound strange, but if you are not into polo or golf shirts this can be a challenge.
  5. Never exposed to the game – some have mentioned that played it in school. I didn’t. Most people have only seen what on television and have never stepped on a course.
  6. Not athletic – I didn’t play sports or excel at physical games. Why would I even think about playing golf?
  7. Fear of doing poorly or making a fool of oneself.
  8. Intimated by other golfers
  9. Ignored by the staff of a golf store. (I put this in here because this has happened to me when I went to a golf store to try out some clubs in their simulators.)
  10. The time it takes to play a round of golf.
  11. Believe it’s only a man’s game.
  12. Takes too much practice to be good.

Can you think of any more?

Please leave a comment and share them with me,


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One Response to 12 Reasons Why Women Don’t Play Golf

  1. TinaGayle says:

    I talked to a person that one of the reason they didn’t play the game was because they thought it was boring.

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