This Week’s Question for Golfers?


I’m still doing research on why people play golf. Mainly for a book I’m interested in writing called “Romancing Golf.”

One thing, I’ve learned already is there are lots of reason for people playing golf and not liking golf.

Here are a few question that I’d love to hear your input on.

1. How do you define golf?

2. How do you view golf?

3. Have you ever played golf?

just watched it on tv

played with family, friends, spouse.


Is golf social or just a game to win?

Thanks for responding, I’d love to hear how you see golf.

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2 Responses to This Week’s Question for Golfers?

  1. annebrooke says:

    Hello! I enjoy playing golf socially with my golfing friend, but I just ‘pay and play’. I don’t do competitive golf as I think it’s way too stressful! Sometimes it can be very frustrating and my game has become worse over the years, but on the plus side I don’t think that matters, as it’s very meditative and good for someone like me who finds it very hard to relax. When I’m playing golf, I have to focus entirely on that alone, and I find that very liberating. I also enjoy playing with my friend as it gives me time to catch up with her and we have a laugh as we go round the course. She and I agree that we like playing together as we don’t have to worry about the menfolk – on the occasions we’ve played golf in a foursome with our husbands, it’s much less relaxed and we don’t enjoy it as much. The old competitive streak of the men takes over! We also just play a nine-hole course so it isn’t too much out of our day. 18 holes is too many for us – we like our ‘Girly Golf’!!

    Anne B

    • TinaGayle says:

      Thanks Anne for responding to my post.
      I love hearing about peoples experience golfing.
      I also play regularly with friends a little 9 hole course. You are right. It doesn’t take as much time out of your day.

      I also understand the competitive streak of men. I play with my husband and sons. They tend to be much more competitive but I love having the time outside with them.

      Here’s to Girly Golf!

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