Hit a Snag

Goose Creek 1 (14)
All right, so I’m not the next Jordon Speith with my shiny new clubs. I’m making it.
Goose Creek 1 (12)
Well, that is until I hit hole 11. Then on what should have been a nice little pitch shot, my arm rebelled. Don’t know if I hit the ground or what, but my left hand lost all power. I couldn’t even grip the club.
Goose Creek 1 (13)
Needless to say, my day of golf was over. Wrapped my arm in cooling rags, I rode out the rest of the course in the cart.

So Mike and I decided these new clubs weren’t such a good idea. We took them back that night and exchanged them for women’s clubs, light and more what I was use too. Lesson learn…stay tune for the next course.

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1 Response to Hit a Snag

  1. Tina,

    Hope your arm makes a full recovery!


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