The Hills Above Palm Spring #travelpictures

Golf Pictures 9 2015 018


This is looking down on Palm Springs. Golf Pictures 9 2015 013 Golf Pictures 9 2015 014

Very windy road, so not the best option of a trip if you get car sick.

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Palm Spring, the Desert #Travelpictures


We took a drive out of Palm Spring toward San Diego. As you can see it is rugged land. I can’t even image what pioneers though of when they travel through this area. Golf Pictures 9 2015 012 Golf Pictures 9 2015 008 Golf Pictures 9 2015 009

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Flowers of the Rancho Las Palmas #golf

Golf Pictures 9 2015 007

One of the things I appreciate on any golf course is the layout and the use of flowers and natural plants. Seeing as California is in a drought, this is especially important to the area of Palm Springs.Golf Pictures 9 2015 005 Golf Pictures 9 2015 006

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Rancho Las Palmas #golfcourse

This course is part of Omni Resort in Rancho Mirage, Ca. The course weaves through hotel/condos. There are three courses – North, South, West, each has 9 holes so you play. Two of the three courses.Golf Pictures 9 2015 004 Golf Pictures 9 2015 001 Golf Pictures 9 2015 003

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The Crossings at Carlsbad #golf

This is a picture of the 9th hole which is a very short hole that leads you right back to the club house.Trips taken 8 2015 054

Trips taken 8 2015 058

From the tee box to green there is a lot of elevation change on this course. Which leads into one of my pet peeves, why can’t course put in steps to both the tee boxes and the greens?Trips taken 8 2015 057

This is the prettiest spot on the course.

I can’t say that I would play this course again for a number of reasons, but that is not to say that others might not enjoy it. However, be warned it is not an easy course. The men playing in my group lost over a dozen balls on the course. Not very forgiving if you stray from the fairways.


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The Crossing at Carlsbad #GolfCourse


We decided to visit this course in the hopes of seeing the ocean from the course.

Not a possibility, but the course was interesting and played with a golf course designer, which made for an interesting round.Trips taken 8 2015 055 Trips taken 8 2015 053


These statues where next to the putting green. Trips taken 8 2015 054

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When to See the Bean

Trips taken 8 2015 047 Trips taken 8 2015 048


Trips taken 8 2015 049Trips taken 8 2015 050

My son and I had fun take pictures with this. We also saw the lions on the way.

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