Hot in the Desert in Sept.

The PGA Stadium course is a beautiful course, but the temperature in Sept can soar into the 100s and they don’t allow swimming in the water hazards. Golf Pictures 9 2015 025

Except maybe for golf balls and those suckers refuse to float.Golf Pictures 9 2015 026 Golf Pictures 9 2015 027

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2 Responses to Hot in the Desert in Sept.

  1. Tina,

    At 100 degrees I would definitely be tempted to bend the rules and take a dip in the water hazard. Hopefully my ball goes nowhere near!


  2. TinaGayle says:

    Yes, it was tempting. I do love the course if you get a chance I believe you’d enjoy it, Josh. You are a much better golfer than me so I’m sure you’d score much better even in the hot weather. Thanks for the likes.

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